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Welcome to ZME - Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center!

Southern hospitality is what we do, and here at Memphis customer service is our first priority. Our air traffic controllers are known for being friendly and helpful, especially to new pilots, and for providing thorough and skilled handling for our more experienced air transport clientele. This is expected: it comes naturally for a group of controllers who love what they do, and are dedicated to providing top notch air traffic control to everyone who visits our airspace. Whether you are a pilot or a controller, you can always count on professional and Southern hospitality.


Apr 02, 2017 → VATSIM Connexion (Global Conference) in London, UK
Details are available at:

Jun 03, 2017 → CMT Music Awards (from 2300)
ZME ARTCC welcomes you to Nashville for the CMT Music Awards. We will be staffing KBNA an it